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The Lexicon

Welcome to the Lexicon, a knowledgebase dedicated to the characters and world of the webfiction series Caelum Lex. This wiki-style encyclopedia should equip you with all you need to know in your exploration of the Span.

At the moment, the Lexicon is a work in progress and you may/probably will run across some dead links. Bear with us and thanks for your patience.

Warning: This database may include spoilers of the published chapters. Read at your own risk.

Featured Article


Fiearius Soliveré

Fiearius Soliveré is the captain of the unregistered vessel known as The Dionysian as well as a notable mercenary/gun-for-hire mainly in the Synechdan and Rogue Planets regions of The Span. Fiearius spent most of his life in the city of Paradiex on Exymeron's capitol planet Satieri and most of his adult years there working for the The Department of Internal Affairs as a Solutions Agent Read More

Featured Chapter


Chapter 1: Medical Attention

After Fiearius Soliveré, captain of The Dionysian, suffers a gunshot wound that leads to a fever-inducing infection, his first mate and younger brother Cyrus Soliveré lands the ship on Society-run planet, Vescent to seek medical treatment. Read More

Check out the full Chapter Index for a full recap of the story so far.

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